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The curriculum concentrates on linguistics skills, speaking, reading and writing the language.  Additionally, we incorporate Greek history, folklore (customs, traditions, songs, dances, art) that stimulate the students appreciation of the rich heritage of the language. The School has received acceptance of our language courses from several Unified School Districts in the greater San Diego region in the past.  If you are in need of assistance in getting the classes accepted at your school please let us know.  

Our Greek Language Program


  • Emphasizes Greek linguistic skills, promotes the respectful consideration of different viewpoints and cultures and educates students in a multi-cultural environment. We develop all aspects of Greek Language learning such as reading, writing, syntax, and grammar with emphasis on modern Greek as spoken in Greece today. Students learn about the Greek culture, ancient Greek history and mythology through a well rounded curriculum that include: textbooks, poems, songs, theater skits and multimedia. 

  • Creates an inviting language environment enriched with activities that assist students grow to full potential.  

  • Enables and fosters Greek education, culture, arts, traditions, history and ethnic heritage.

Our Classes


Our Handbook


Our classes are an opportunity for children and adults to learn the rich Greek language and explore the richness of the Hellenic culture. We offer classes at all levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and Conversational and use the latest technologies available in our teachings.

For further details please click here to download the "Student & Parent/Guardian Handbook " in a PDF format. 

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